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Comms/Networking Setup

We highly recommend following the static IP instructions for reliability during events. Follow these steps before starting:

  • Go to add/remove programs in windows, and search for “bonjour”

  • How many items do you see?

    • If there are two (2) items with “bonjour” in their names, uninstall “bonjour print services”
    • If there are no (0) items with “bonjour” in their names, install bonjour from our Downloads page.
  • Reboot your Limelight/Robot and computer.

  • Download the Limelight Hardware Manager from the Downloads page

Set Team Number

  • Power-up your robot, and connect your laptop to your robot’s network.
  • After your Limelight flashes its LED array, open the Limelight Hardware Manager and search for your Limelight or navigate to http://limelight.local:5801. This is the configuration panel.
  • Navigate to the “Settings” tab on the left side of the interface.
  • Enter your team number and press the “Update Team Number” button.

Set IP Address

  • Change your “IP Assignment” to “Static”.
  • Set your Limelight’s IP address to “10.TE.AM.11”.
  • NOTE: Teams with zeros need to pay special attention:
  • Team 916 uses 10.9.16.xx,
  • Team 9106 uses 10.91.6.xx
  • Team 9016 uses 10.90.16.xx
  • Set the Netmask to “”.
  • Set the Gateway to “10.TE.AM.1”.
  • Click the “Update” button.
  • Give your roboRIO the following static IP address: “10.TE.AM.2”
  • Power-cycle your robot.
  • You will now be access your config panel at 10.TE.AM.11:5801, and your camera stream at 10.TE.AM.11:5800
Q. Why do we recommend the use of a static IP address?

A. First, it shaves multiple seconds off Limelight’s boot time. Second, teams have historically had issues with DHCP assignment and mDNS responders on actual FRC fields and with event radio firmware.

We recommend setting static IP addresses on your robo-rio and driverstation as well. The networking settings to use on all of these devices can be found near the bottom half of this web page

Q. How do I reset the IP address?

A. After your Limelight has booted, hold the config button for 10 seconds. The next time your Limelight boots, its networking configuration will be reset to dynamic addressing

Before Connecting to the Field

  • Give your laptop a static IP configuration.
    • IP: 10.TE.AM.5
    • Subnet Mask:
    • Gateway: 10.TE.AM.1
  • Give your RIO a static IP configuration.
    • IP: "10.TE.AM.2"
    • Subnet Mask: <- NOTE THE DIFFERENCE HERE
    • Gateway: 10.TE.AM.1
  • Give your Limelights unique hostnames (if using multiple).
  • Give your Limelights unique static IP configurations.
    • Always start with ".11" addresses and go upward. (, etc.)
    • The use of other addresses may cause your units to malfunction when connected to the FMS.
    • IP: "10.TE.AM.11"
    • Subnet mask:
    • Gateway: "10.TE.AM.1"

Note: Teams with zeros need to pay special attention:

- Team 916 uses 10.9.16.xx
- Team 9106 uses 10.91.6.xx
- Team 9016 uses 10.90.16.xx