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Updating LimelightOS

Follow this guide to update your Limelight Smart Camera to the latest version of LimelightOS.


Save your pipelines before upgrading, as they will be erased during this process

  • Power off your Limelight.
  • Download the latest USB drivers, Limelight OS image, and Balena Flash tool from from the Downloads Page.
  • Hold the config button on your Limelight, and while holding, run a USB->USB-C cable from your laptop to your limelight. Your limelight will power on automatically.
  • Run “Balena Etcher” as an administrator.
  • It may take up to 20 seconds for your machine to recognize the camera.
  • Select the latest .zip image in your downloads folder
  • Select a “Compute Module” device in the “Drives” menu
  • Click “Flash”
  • Once flashing is complete, remove the usb cable from your limelight.

Only connect the USB-C cable while imaging. Limelight enters a special flash mode while the microUSB cable is connected. You will not be able to access the web interface while Limelight is in flash mode.