REST/HTTP and Websocket APIs

REST/HTTP (PORT 5807) API Summary:


e.g. http://<limelight-ip-address>:5807/results

GET /results Retrieve full JSON dump of current targeting results
GET /capturesnapshot Capture a snapshot. Include a “snapname” string header to name the snapshot
POST /uploadsnapshot Upload a named snapshot. Include a “snapname” header. Include an image in the body of the request
GET /snapshotmanifest Returns a list of snapshot file names
GET /deletesnapshots Deletes all snapshots
POST /uploadnn Upload a neural network. Include a “type” header set to “detector” or “classifier”
GET /hwreport Returns a JSON array of full hardware reports. A hardware report is derived from a calibration result and contains human-readable information such as FOV, principal offset, etc.
GET /cal-default Returns default calibration result
GET /cal-file Returns custom calibration result (file system)
GET /cal-eeprom Returns custom calibration result (eeprom)
GET /cal-latest Returns latest custom calibration result. This result is not used unless it is saved to the file system or the eeprom
POST /cal-eeprom Update the eeprom calibration result
POST /cal-file Update the filesystem calibration result
DEL /cal-latest Delete latest calibration result
DEL /cal-eeprom Delete eeprom calibration result
DEL /cal-file Delete filesystem calibration result

Websocket Results Server:

ws://<IPADDRESS>:5806 Websocket server streaming full JSON dump of current targeting results at full framerate

See JSON Dump Specification for more information.