Software Roadmap

Contact us or post to CD to suggest upgrades for Limelight!

  • “Crop Box” filtering options. Set min/max x/y in contour filtering step.
  • Hysterisis tuning options
  • Individual width and height filtering options
  • DONE 2018.4 “Final sort” filtering options. Options for largest,highest,lowest, least skewed, etc.
  • DONE 2019.0 More tooltips and helpful info on web interface.
  • Add ability to capture & download a frame with verbose diagnostic info.
  • More Implementation Examples in docs (distance calc, PID w/ gyro, etc)
  • DONE 2018.2 Add ability to test pipeline on snapshots.
  • DONE 2018.2 Better shuffleboard support
  • DONE 2017.8 Multiple pipelines. Switch at runtime via NetworkTables
  • DONE 2017.8 Dual crosshair calibration
  • DONE 2017.8 Timestamps
  • DONE 2017.8 Write image version to web interface
  • DONE 2017.8 “ValidTarget” Key in NetworkTables
  • DONE 2017.8 Download/Upload Pipelines
  • DONE 2017.8 Multi-target output